Let Maven project in Eclipse -point to local respository

  • Using eclipse Indigo
  • Download the maven pulgin to eclipse and install
  • URL is -->-maven - http://download.eclipse.org/technology/m2e/releases
  • Click on New->Project
  • Select "Maven Project"
  • check-Use Default Workspace location
  • select "All Catalogs"
  • select maven-archetype-quickstart
  • click on next
  • In the screen Enter artifactid,groupid and click on finish
  • Click on the Maven dependecies on the right side you can see that it is pointing to a deefualt location.
  • We need to point it to our local repostiory.
  • So local repository location is avialable in in conf/settings.xml file of maven folder.
  • Click on window->preferences->Maven
  • click on user Settings- browse and enter the settings.xml file location.
  • Click on Update settings
  • click on apply
  • Click on ok
  • Now go to the project on the left side of the eclipse
  • right click->run->maven test
  • you can see build successfull message


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