Integarting Maven with Cruise control

Cruise control can be integrated with Maven .
  1. Download cruise control
  2.  move your maven project to projects folder
  3. set maven home and java home
  4. update the config.xml file
  5. run the cruise control.bat file
  6. config.xml is shown below:
<cruisecontrol> <project name="sample-spring-ws"> <listeners> <currentbuildstatuslistener file="logs/${}/status.txt"/> </listeners> <bootstrappers> <!-- <antbootstrapper anthome="apache-ant-1.7.0" buildfile="projects/${}/build.xml" target="clean" />--> </bootstrappers> <modificationset quietperiod="30"> <!-- touch any file in connectfour project to trigger a build --> <filesystem folder="projects/${}"/> </modificationset> <schedule interval="300"> <!--<ant anthome="apache-ant-1.7.0" buildfile="projects/${}/build.xml"/>--> <maven2 mvnhome="E://maven" pomfile="projects/${}/pom.xml" goal="compile clean install" /> </schedule> <log> <merge dir="projects/${}/target/test-results"/> </log> <publishers> <onsuccess> <artifactspublisher dest="artifacts/${}" file="projects/${}/target/sample-spring-ws-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.war"/> </onsuccess> </publishers> </project> </cruisecontrol>

Download the tutorial for integrating maven with cruise control


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